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Snorkeling, Bunaken national park
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Minahasa Peninsula Tour

North Sulawesi | 21 Days 20 Nights | Mixed Tour Activities

Mount Lokon
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Mount Lokon Trekking

Tomohon | 1 Day Tour | Volcano Trekking

Eco Tours Sulawesi
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Eco Tours Sulawesi

North Sulawesi | 5 Days 4 Nights | Recreational Adventure

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Tomohon Nature Trekking

Tomohon | 1 Day Tour | Walking Tour and Volcano Trekking

North Sulawesi Jungle
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North Sulawesi Jungle Tour

North Sulawesi | 7 Days 6 Nights | Rural Tour

Family Vacation
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Family Vacation in North Sulawesi

Minahasa Peninsula | 5 Days 4 Nights | Sightseeing

Sea World North Sulawesi
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Sea World of North Celebes Vacation

North Sulawesi | 9 Days 8 Nights | Snorkeling Vacation

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Nantu Forest and Tangkoko Nature Reserve Tour

Northern Sulawesi | 7 Days 6 Nights | Ecological Tour

Discover Sulawesi
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Tomohon City Tour – Daily Excursion

Tomohon City Tour offers you a change to go around Tomohon for your visiting or holiday in this town. Tomohon is a beatiful town among two volcanoes, it has also beautiful scenery lake, offers many choices of delicious food and great experience.

Rate starts from: US$ 55 Per Person | BOOK HERE

Minahasa Highlands, Family Vacation
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Minahasa Highland Tour Sulawesi | One Day Excursion

The heart of Minahasa is highlands with beautiful nature. Three main town on Highlands are Tomohon, the city of flowers; Tondano, the town by the big lake; and Kawangkoan, the peanut city.

Rate STARTS FROM USD 45 per Pax

Flowers Festival Tomohon City
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Tomohon International Flower Festival

Tomohon | 7 Days 6 Nights | Recreational Festival

BirdWatching Tangkoko
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Birdwatching Tangkoko Nature Reserve

Birdwatching Tangkoko Nature Reserve is designed for Birdwatchers to observe the birds of Sulawesi found in Tangkoko Nature Reserve.