North Sulawesi Jungle Tour

Jungle tour is good activity choice on vacation in North Sulawesi. Meanwhile, Sulawesi is an island in the central of Indonesia. If you don’t know it, you can take a map. Find Indonesia. In case you don’t know where is Indonesia, it is on top of Australia and under Philippines. The country has many islands. Now, Point your finger in the middle of the country. The island of Sulawesi is in the middle of the country. It looks like a giant letter K or an orchid. The destination is at the norther peninsula. By the way, the northern tip is also called Minahasa Peninsula. It is because Minahasa people live here.

As mentioned, Jungle tour is good activity on vacation. We can see various plants in the nature. We also can observe the animals there. Besides, walking in the jungle is nice outdoor activity. In addition, walking in the jungle may be good for health. We exercise ourselves by walking.

Tangkoko Nature Reserve

Tangkoko Nature Reserve is the first North Sulawesi jungle on this tour. It locates at northeast of Minahasa Peninsula. The nature reserve is 8,718 hectares big. It consists of Batu Putih Nature Forest, Batu Angus Forest, Mount Tangkoko and Mount Dua Sudara. Meanwhile, there are three type of vegetation in this jungle. We call the first one seaside forest. It starts from inter-tidal zones to the beach. Thence, mangrove forest dominates this area. Then comes lowland forest. Nearby the beach are many Indian almond and sea poison trees. Then various plants grow from lowland to highlands. Those plants make this jungle beautiful. They also provide food for the animals as well as oxygen for living being.

The most interesting activity on jungle tour is observing animals. Jungle in Tangkoko nature reserve is one last stronghold for endemic animals of North Sulawesi. It is well kept. For several years people who live in Batu Putih village have guarded the jungle. Thence the animals live peacefully with people. This is very unique due to Minahasa people’s habit of eating wild animals and extreme food.

The Volcanoes

Because North Sulawesi has volcanoes, visiting volcano is also interesting activity on this Jungle Tour. This jungle tour has volcano climbing adventure. You will get not only one volcano, but three. Two of them are in Tomohon and the other one is in Bolaang Mongondow Timur. The nature around these volcanoes are fascinating. During the climbing, you can observe the vegetation and the rocks. Animals are bit hard to be found due to the high activity of the volcanoes. It kills the vegetation that become food source of these animals. But, the jungle that is far from crater might have animals. Because, the vegetation there stay put during the period if eruption.

The National Park

In this jungle tour, you are going to visit one less known yet fascinating destination in North Sulawesi. It is a national park. This national park is in the south of North Sulawesi. It borders to Gorontalo, the next province. This national park is one of the last primary jungles in Sulawesi. This jungle is very huge. It extends from Bolaang Mongondow to Bone Bolango. On this tour, you will explore the jungle.

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North Sulawesi Jungle Tour
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