Tomohon International Flower Festival

The event of Tomohon International Flowers Festival (TIFF) is an annual event of Tomohon, North Sulawesi. It returns on every 8-12 August each year. Many tourism activities appear in Tomohon International Flower Festival. The main attraction of Tomohon International Flower Festival is tournament of flowers. It is a parade held on August 8th. The parade carries special theme each year. By the way, this tournament of flowers is an arena to enjoy the beautiful flowers on float decorated in certain theme. Likewise, it shows how flowers can become means of peaceful message to the world. 

Tournament of Flowers of Tomohon International Flower Festival

Tomohon International Flower Festival

We invite you to observe, watch and comply with the Tournament of Flowers (ToF) of the Flower Festival on 8 August. The florist decorates each float with various kind of flowers. It follows the annual theme set by the committee. Lastly, these floats are going to line up in a parade in order that people can enjoy the work of the florists.

The participants of tournaments of flowers come from various cities in Indonesia, private companies and invited country. Perhaps your country or city will participate on this Flowers Festival event to introduce and show the world its own heritage and uniqueness. Nonetheless, the competition is going to be very tough challenge. Locals and visitors are expecting this Tournament as well as the Flowers Festival energetically. The Tournament of Flowers also will roll out Flowers Fashion Carnival, Tourism, Trade and Exhibition Fair.

Thanksgiving Day in Tomohon International Flower Festival

Be entertained on Tomohon Thanksgiving Day. The festivity of locals on the event of The Flowers Festival is uncomparable. There will be achieving of new record, cultural performances and many interesting act during the Flowers Festival. All visitors will receive warm greetings from local people. As tourists, you are going to be treated as close friend instead of being strangers. Everybody is going to be happy during this festive day.

Tomohon on August

Tourism, Trade, Investment and Floriculture Expo; Art and Cultural Performances, Flowers Exhibition and Thanksgiving Day are main reason to visit Tomohon on August. they are agendas of Tomohon International Flower Festival. Moreover, August is the best time to travel around Tomohon and North Sulawesi as well. Due to the great weather and atmosphere. It is full with clear blue sky and less rainy days. Meanwhile, it is also vacation time in northern hemisphere.

While Tomohon International Flowers Festival is the main attraction on August, there are more reason to visit this town though. There is Mount Lokon for people who love outdoor activities. It is west of the town. And then, Linow lake with its volcanic activity as well as changing color phenomenon. Moreover, Tumimperas Waterfall in Pinaras, south of Tomohon. At another point, there is Welu Cafe, Valentine Hills and Kai Santi Hill. Visitor can enjoy beautiful scenery of Mount Lokon and Woloan rice field here. Likewise, there is Tetetana peak near Kumelembuai. And there beautiful surrounding towns await your visit. Really, there are many places of interests here.

If you are into local cuisine, you can try or challenge yourself to learn Minahasa Cooking. Here you are going to prepare delicious Indonesian cuisine or even extreme Food in Tomohon Cuisine Challange. Hence, you can get free souvenir home.

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Tomohon International Flower Festival
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