Sea World of North Celebes Vacation

Sea world always attracts people attention. Marine life is very fascinating for observation. Moreover, staying at the sea side brings wide opportunity for activity in the sea. We can observe the sea world closely. At the other side, beach, inter-tidal zone and deep water have amazing attractions. In this direction, sea world of North Sulawesi has variety of interesting marine lives. You can experience all these things during vacation in North Sulawesi. This type of vacation is good for people who has rare opportunity of seeing tropical sea. If you are far from sea or very tight with your job, this type of vacation will suit you well.

Diving, snorkeling and island-hopping are activities in this tour program. Although we don’t include diving package in this tour, you can always tell us when diving interests you. It can be very addictive. Hence, we can adjust the program for your diving tour. Likewise, snorkeling can grant excellent experience without paying extra penny too. And while snorkeling, you can be in the sea longer than diving. Meanwhile, we set up the destinations in this tour package with great adventures at the sea.



Bunaken National Park is famous destination in North Sulawesi. In fact, that is the most famous destination for western tourists. It is not white sand that attracts the tourists, but richness of sea world. Diving is the main attraction of this national park. Hence, visitors need certification on diving to do fun dive. But, there is always another option to see the sea world. Introduction to scuba diving is first option for those who do not have diving certification. Then, there is also snorkeling. Most visitors don’t need special skill for snorkeling. As long as they can swim, they are fine. Moreover, most of local visitors come to snorkel at Bunaken Island.

The Corals

The reef is rich with formation of corals in varied colors. There are many species of hard corals grow in Bunaken National Park. Stag-horn coral is the most. Pillar coral can be spotted here too. At some point, table coral decorates the reef beautifully. Moreover, brain coral appears on many snorkeling or diving points. Great star coral become place for sea worm to stick itself. Likewise, there are plenty of soft corals as well here. Sea fan, carnation coral, toadstool, tree corals, sea-pens and bubble corals are type of soft coral that grow at Bunaken National Park. Both hard coral and soft coral blend in the reef and they make the sea world pretty. Together these corals become sea garden in Bunaken National Park.

The Fishes

There are various of fishes in Bunaken National Park. It starts from reef fish to deep water fish. The fishes swim freely here. The reef fishes swim on top of the reefs. They are very colorful. Most of them are not big. While, the big fishes swim deep in the water. Here is a list of reef fishes that can be seen in Bunaken National Park.

  • Angelfish,
  • Butterfly Fish,
  • Cardinal Fish,
  • Clownfish,
  • Gobies,
  • Groupers,
  • Parrotfish,
  • Triggerfish,
  • Surgeonfish,
  • Trout,
  • Wrasse,
  • Traveli,
  • and, many more

Besides the fishes, tourists can also see turtles in Bunaken National Park. There are green turtle, leatherback turtle, loggerhead turtles and hawksbill turtle. These turtles swim freely on the reef. They swim along with the fishes.

The National Park locates at west side of Manado. It has five islands at northern region. The name of the northern regions are Bunaken Island, Siladen, Manado Tua, Mantehage and Nain Island. At the far south, there are two islands. They are Didike and Tatapahan Islands. On the contrary to the northern islands, they are empty islands. However, the southern island is the habitat for dugong.


White Sand Island

Lihaga island is an island at North Minahasa. People visit this island because it has white sand. The things attract visitors are white sand, corals and tranquil situation. The sand like flour. It is very smooth. When there is no visitor, situation of Lihaga Island is very tranquil. You can hear the harmonious sound of the wave. Moreover, you can stargazing during clear night. And then, you can do yoga early in the morning.

Because it is very little, the island does not have any resort or hotel. For shade or shelter purpose, people from Gangga Island prepare some huts. Because of this, we organize camping trip to this island. Camping on Lihaga island can really relax your mind. The sound of the sea, the breeze of wind, starry night, beautiful morning and nice sunset are top of the camping trip on Lihaga island.

The Underwater of Lihaga Island

Beside white sand and camping experience, beautiful coral reefs also surround Lihaga island. The water is crystal clear. You can witness the fascinating of Lihaga sea world. Most of visitors snorkel at the reef during their visit. So can you. There are many beautiful corals here, both hard corals and soft corals. So are fishes. You can swim after one if you want. The crystal clear water is really fascinating.

Camping at Lihaga Island

The visit to Lihaga island is an adventure. And yet, we will make it nice and comfortable. We will sleep in tents. Moreover, we will use air mattress to send us to dream land easily. At the other hand, Lihaga does not have fresh water source. It is only sea water. However, we organize fresh water supply from neighboring island. Thus, local people send some gallons of fresh water everyday during our visit.

Apart of these obstacles, the adventure worth it. You are going to stay at small and tiny island. No hustle and bustle of the city is here. It is only serenity. Because, the island is very tranquil. Hopefully, this adventure gives magical energy in your vacation. And, in the end you will return to your home with positive energy from your vacation.

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