Rafting: Adventure Holiday In North Sulawesi

Many of us are only able to do adventure activity during our vacation. For our memorable activities, there are many adventure option. Rafting is one of it. White water rafting is enjoyable when it’s done with experienced guide or tour operator. In North Sulawesi, there are three river where people usually do white water rafting. They are Rano I Apo in South Minahasa, Nimanga in MInahasa and Tondano River in Sawangan, North Minahasa. All of this river gives some experience for your rafting experience.

The most famous river for rafting in North Sulawesi is Nimanga river. It locates in Sonder, Minahasa and the river is situated in the middle of the jungle. When doing rafting, we can sometimes see some birds such as kingfisher, coucal, yellow-billed malkoha – one that is endemic to Sulawesi, sometimes yellow-billed horn bill – also another endemic bird, also you can see some beauty, colorful dragonfly. Nimaga river has two big rapids. These rapids often times challenge the one who do the rafting, the first rapid is called golden gate, marked by a steep cliff in front of the rapid and big stones. The second one is called Good Bye rapid, it is situated several hundred meters from where the rafting usually ends. Second one is Rano I yapo River in South Minahasa. It takes two days to reach the end. And, the adventure it offers is marvelous.

Photo Gallery for White Water Rafting

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