Private Tour Packages

Flowers Lane Vacation emerge with Private Tour Packages. We think it is good to explain our dreams. In order that our clients understand how we work. In order to avoid missunderstanding and optimize our service. 

Shared Tour

Flanation Tailores Private Tour Package

The idea of traveling is to relax. Hence, we realize traveling is fascinating. It also brings experiences in a way we never understand. However, visiting new areas can be very awkward. Most of the times, new situations are tough. Especially when they are very different from home. So, we need some times to fit in. Meeting new people can be nice. But, It also can be difficult. Due to differences of people from different culture and country, People find it not easy to accustom. Unless, we have done that before. Some people love to meet new people. Yet, some people find it difficult to adapt. Sometimes, new situation brings distress. Especially when the expected things do not appear as they are. But, it is very common when we travel.

Private tour packages has has benefits. First, it is flexible. Due to the limit of participants numbers, tour adjustment can come easily. We are not afraid of loosing anything too. It goes as we please. We might have been dealt with the operator about the tour. But, we still have possible to adjust some things as we like. For instance, we can ask for extra time of service. Because we still want to enjoy more the tour. Or, we can do the reverse. Because we don’t feel well out of the blue. At the other hand, we will not bother with other people’s wishes. We are not afraid of making someone have uncomforable feeling too. Because there is no someone else, but us. In the same way, we are not afraid to hurt other’s feeling with our decision. In addition, we are free to express our feeling. And, nobody will missunderstand.


Wisemen say the best teacher is our own experience. That is true. Before deciding to make all our tour packages private, we also had share cost tour. Even this page is edited from explanation of share tour programs. Here are things we found along the way.

First, share cost trip was a lot cheaper. But, most of our clients prevered private tour. Second, the idea of share cost tour was not optimally achieved. Many clients were frustrated because different group of participants expect different result. Third, we spent extra energy when arguments arose between clients. And, many more.

Flanation Realizes Exclusivity

Everybody yearns for meaningful holiday. Therefore, Flanation creates private tour packages to North Sulawesi. We work with professionals. We aim to present exclusiveness. That is true that not all things can be exclusive. But, we work hard to meet our clients’ expectation. Hopefully, these tour packages meet our clients’ expectation. However, we are open to suggestions for service improvement.

Many people don’t like surprises. Except during birthday.

Flowers Lane Vacation a.k.a Flanation


We created Shared Tour to accommodate frugal tours in North Sulawesi. But, It was before. It was past. Starting from November 2018, we decided to leave it with old year. Now we only have private tour packages. As mentioned, private tour has many benefits both to our clients and to ourselves.

We can recycle the old slogan. Meet as stranger, Depart as friends. We intend to maintain this kind of relationship with our clients. Because, meeting someone new is not easy. Let alone getting along well with them. That’s why it has been our commitment that we will maintain good relationship with our clients.

We try to be as low as possible on prices for Private Tour Packages. As long as the price does not make us broken, we will be at our service. All the prices has already been calculated accurately. In order that our clients will not spend unnecesary budget. We state all inclusive and exclusive openly. In order that our client can prepare what is not covered on tour.

Have a nice trip

Flowers Lane Vacation a.k.a Flanation