Tomohon Nature Trekking

Tomohon has beautiful nature. Two volcanoes surround this town. These volcanoes are active. Yes, the town is between 750-1,000 meter above sea level. Hence, the soil is very fertile. Picturesque panorama appears on every hills. It even extends to neighboring area. Therefore, this town is very scenic for photography.

April to July is usually best for scenery photography. The rainy days decreases gradually. Thence, people can experience beautiful time here. On the contrary, December to March is usually wet.

The Volcano

Mount Lokon

Mount Lokon is an active volcano in Tomohon. Yet, it is the highest among the two of the town. It eruptes regularly. It send shower of volcanic ashes to the town. However, people are ready for this situation. Regularly, the government carries out disaster relief simulation from volcano eruption. Besides, a volcano observatory always monitor the activity of the volcano. In addition, Mount Lokon always gives sign before eruption. And, people can see and feel it. We will only see Mount Lokon from other volcano on this tour.

Mount Mahawu

Across Mount Lokon is Mount Mahawu. It is 1331 above sea level. The volcano is situated in the east of Tomohon. Because this volcano is dormant, agriculture activities are more here than Mount Lokon. Compared to Mount Lokon, this volcano is calmer. This is very visible from the seismograph in Kakaskasen Volcano Observatory. Physically, we cannot see any fume from Mount Mahawu. But, we can see it when we are at the rim of the crater. It is very different with Mount Lokon or Mount Soputan. Those two volcanoes always blow thick gas from their crater. And, these gas is visible from afar.

People’s Activity

Many people work as farmers. They work in farmlands or ricefield. We can see beautiful farmlands as we traveling around the rural area. So are the ricefields. Although most of the crops is for personal usage, but farmers always can trade them in the market. There is a fresh market in town. This traditional market is famous for tourists.

The Nature

As mentioned, nature of Tomohon is beautiful. Apart of volcanoes, Tomohon also has waterfalls and volcanic lake. The color of jungle is blueish green. It makes nature of Tomohon beautiful. Volcano trekking and walking on the countryside are most favourite activities in Tomohon. These are best ways to experience nature of Tomohon. By this, visitor can get better impression of the town.

Linow is the name of volcanic lake. It is south of Tomohon. This lake is famous for its changing color phenomenon. Many visitors come to this lake. They want to experience the panorama of the lake. Both local visitors and international tourists are content to visit this lake. Meanwhile, there is a cafe on one point of the lake. Many people love to hangout there. But, a real adventure lays at the other point. Visitor can see several pools of volcanic geysers from up close there.

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The Flora and Fauna

The nature of Tomohon is home for endemic floras and faunas too. In the forest and farmlands, the possibility to encounter animals such as birds and reptiles are big. While trekking on Mt. Mahawu, visitors can see many animals. There are many species of birds and reptiles. The famous pitcher plant is also possible to see here.

Local Activities

Another tour attraction can be encounter while trekking is meeting the locals on the garden. Some of them are cultivating the farmland, some of them are harvesting crops, some farmers is harvesting palm sap and some others are making palm sugar and palm wine traditionally. All these local activities are very interesting to be observed.


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Tomohon Nature Trekking
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