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Minahasa Peninsula is part of Sulawesi islands. The location is at the northern tip of the island. It is named Minahasa Peninsula because Minahasa people live there. This peninsula is part of North Sulawesi province too. Meanwhile, nowadays the tourism in Minahasa peninsula is developing vastly. There are many places of interest here. Its nature is beautiful. Here, there are nature reserve and national parks. They become homes for animals and plants. By the way, the national park splits into two type. The first one is marine national park. The other is terrestrial national park.

Minahasa peninsula has many things people want to see during vacation. Besides, other places of interest include volcanoes, lakes, islands, rural areas and small towns. These spread from north to south of the region. Thus, it is very interesting to come and experience what this peninsula is offering. Both nature and culture are very interesting for observation and relax within vacation too. Moreover, beautiful nature and calm atmosphere are two obligatory things during vacation, aren’t they? And, Minahasa peninsula can offer this type of vacation.

Tangkoko Nature Reserve

Minahasa peninsula hosts various animal species. Some of them are endemic here. It means these species are not found anywhere else but here. One of the best place to observe these animals is in Tangkoko nature reserve. Annually tourists from many countries visit this nature reserve to observe these animals. Some of them have interest with birds, some others with primates and the others with the nature in general.

Tangkoko nature reserve is a perfect escapade from your routine. Specifically when you are trying to find rain forest far from your home. Meanwhile, it is also near sea. Therefore, if you did not want to explore the jungle, you could go to black sand beach and relax there. This gives you opportunity to observe some animals on the beach. The monkeys sometimes come down to the beach too. They hunt crabs there. Also, some cuscus are found on the sea poison and Indian almond trees.

Volcanoes and Caldera

Minahasa peninsula is home for volcanoes of Sulawesi. Geologically, this is the only volcanic region on the island. There are 10 volcanoes in the whole island. Nine of them belongs to this province. Six of them are in the main land. And, the rests are at surrounding islands.

Visitor can see volcanic activity here. When walking at a volcano, visitor can see the fumes from its crater. Visitors can hear the rumbling sound from the crater too. However, some volcanoes are dormant. And, the fumes are barely visible. But, visitors can observe the nature and the rocks. By the way, this rocks might have been learn in schools.

There is one huge caldera in Minahasa peninsula. It is where Tondano lake locates. Visitor can get to know it directly from the long lines of hills surrounding the lake. Meanwhile, there are also several smaller calderas. Volcanic activity is also visible from the changing color lake, volcanic geyser, hot springs and geothermal sites.

National Parks

There is two national parks in Minahasa peninsula. First one is marine national park. It locates west of Manado. The second one is far south. This park is situated in two provinces. Both national parks are unique for the island’s ecology. One protect marine lives, the other preserve the terrestrial environtment. Hence the animals might live along with people side by side. The marine park is called Bunaken National Park. While the terrestrial park is Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park.

Bunaken national park is the most famous park of Minahasa peninsula. The reason is that Bunaken Island becomes destination for visitors from all over the world. It is a fascinating destination for scuba diving and snorkeling. Therefore, visitors don’t want to miss this national park from their vacation plan in Minahasa peninsula.

About the southern park of Minahasa peninsula, formerly this national park is known as Dumoga Bone National Park. It was called so because the location of the national park is between Dumoga and Bone Bolango. Recently, Indonesian government renamed this national park with a hero’s name from Gorontalo, Nani Wartabone. Moreover, this national park covers an area as big as 287.757 Hectares (2,887 km2). Thus it becomes home for many floras and faunas of the region. However on the contrary to marine park, this park is less known for visitors.

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