Family Vacation in North Sulawesi

Family vacation should be very special. It has been long expected to be done on summer holiday. During family vacation, parents can introduce new things to the children. They also can teach their children to understand culture from other part of the world. It is also the time for parents to train their children courtesy of meeting other people, appreciating other culture and nature. But to top it off, family vacation time is the most quality moment in the year when parents do not bother themselvea by office responsibility. Their concern is only children’s happiness.

Family is where life begins and love never ends.


Have you considered your family having holiday in Minahasa? Our family vacation programme is seven-days tour with exciting and interesting activities. We combine excursions to Tangkoko Nature Reserve, trekking to active volcanoes, meeting local people, visiting traditional market and many others. Our family vacation arrangement is fun and flexible for your troop.


Indonesia classifies jungles into four types. They are National Park, Nature Reserve, Wildlife Sanctuary and Protected Forest. Each classification of jungle has its own function and purpose. But, the main purpose of them is to protect the nature from deforestation. Meanwhile, everybody agrees that deforestation is number one in destroying wildlives. It can be compared to mass annihilation of human settlements. Therefore, government of Indonesia has anticipated the destruction with many regulations.

Tangkoko Batu Angus is a jungle in Minahasa Peninsula. It is very unique and yet beautiful. The floras and faunas in this Nature Reserve are origin and native to the island. Some animal species are endemic as well. It remains genuine and unchanged in the peninsula.Thus, It fulfilled the criteria of Nature Reserve. Then, Indonesia and North Sulawesi government establish it as Nature Reserve. Why not a National Park? The answer is the coverage area of National park is far bigger than a Nature Reserve. Tangkoko did not meet the requirement.


Tangkoko Nature Reserve is home for many Sulawesi’s endemic animals. Visitors can see black crested macaques or Sulawesi Black Macaques there easily. But, the star of this nature reserve is tarsius. Both primates are endemic to Minahasa peninsula. Beside them are Sulawesi bear cuscus, red-knobbed hornbill, kingfisher, mini dragon or the flying lizard and many more.

This family vacation activity is to visit Tangkoko Nature Reserve. Your family will stay in one inn beside the nature reserve. During day time,  you will wander inside it. Visiting nature reserve on vacation has benefit for your family. You are teaching children to have care for environment and wildlives. Also, you contribute something to the conservation efforts for perpetuity of the Nature Reserve.


Indonesia is home for volcanoes. There are 150 volcanoes registered in the central volcano observatory. 127 are active volcanoes. These volcanoes are part of two ring of fires. The occidental line is part of Mediterranean ring. While the oriental line is part of the Pacific. Sulawesi is part of oriental line. There are 10 volcanoes belong to Sulawesi. 9 of them are in North Sulawesi. Thus, the region has more volcanic activity then the rest of whole island.


One interesting thing from the volcano is it shows the earth alive. During vacation, we invite your family to enjoy trekking onto and learn about volcano. Because every volcano has its own character. You will see beautiful scenery. You will observe the vegetation and the animals. Also, you can observe the igneous rocks. Maybe, you only heard them at geology class. Perhaps you never seen them physically. now you have the opportunity. Then, you will observe the crater. You can witness the fumes exhale from it. Thus, all of these are precious experience for your family vacation.

Beside volcanoes, you will also visit two crater lakes. One lake is huge and was created as caldera. The other lake has phenomena of changing color and also volcanic geyser. Between these lakes is a geothermal area. We cannot enter the facility, because its vital object of the state. But, we can see the activity of this geothermal from outside. The volcanoes in this vacation are Mount Lokon and Mount Mahawu. And the lakes are Lake Tondano and Lake Linow.


If the family were a fruit, it would be mangosteen, a circle of sections, held together but separable each segment distinct.

During this vacation, you will have excursion to traditional market. As we know, traditional market is where all the fresh herbs and veggies comes from. This is the opportunity to learn more about Asian kitchen as well. Of course, this is going to be done with your family. Then sightseeing around other places of interest in Minahasa Highlands is the other great bonding activites. Do you want to have an adventure on a river? Yes, we can go rafting with profesional rafting team. Last but not least, visiting new destination is not complete without tasting the local food. In this family vacation, you are welcome to try local minahasa food in Minahasa Food Adventure Programme.

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Family Vacation In North Sulawesi
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