Flowers Lane Vacation


FOUNDED | Flowers Lane Vacation is founded on May 1st, 2010.

beyond dreams | This is our motto to maximize the service as well as to tell the world that we are different. Our tailored tour packages simply spoil our customers with local experiences. We do our best for our clients’ satisfaction and certainty that their money worth the service. Not without doubt, therefore to create such a service we examine every tour package carefully. We undergo product knowledge to every product to measure how excellent our product looks like. We convince ourselves that if we enjoy the trip, our clients will not be far from it . We do this to simply make every vacation go beyond dreams in every good sense.

Flowers Lane Vacation

THE LOGO | The logo of Flowers Lane Vacation is three color of conjoining f’s. F is for Flowers. The conjoined red and green f’s make L as for Lane. The conjoined red and blue f’s form V as for Vacation. We shortened it to FLV, and sometimes Flane for in a glance, the logo looks like image of flame. That is where we get the flane name.

RED | Fast responding, Only with Best, Pro Culture, Creative
GREEN | Pro Conservation
BLUE | Flexible, Comfortable & Safety, Helpful, Friendly

super local experience awaits you

FAST RESPONDING | We prioritize our clients. We try our best to answer any tour inqury within 24 hours. Not only the tour inquiry, our team also must respond rapidly any inquiry during the tour

ONLY WITH THE BEST | To give best service and to get best result, we only work with the best one. That is what we believe.

FLEXIBLE | Sometimes appear difficult conditions on the tour, we always open to any possiblities without putting off the standard service

COMFORTABLE & SAFETY | Safety is the first priority in our tour and then comfort. This two must be together for best vacation.

HELPFUL | We are aware that our clients are new to our area, many sitautions are not familiar to them. Our task is to help them adjust to the situation by providing best service

PRO-CONSERVATION | Love the nature. We realize that we must preserve the nature. Many people want to see what we have. That is why they travel. But the real reason is by preserving the nature, we keep this world in balance.

PRO-CULTURE | Culture keeps us unique and has character. Values of life are in it. Culture also beautify and harmonize the community. Therefore, we will preserve it.

CREATIVE | To be unique, we use our creativity for excellent services. This also means that service from one client to the other will not be exactly the same. But we make sure, all service will follow one standard.

FRIENDLY | As strangers we meet, As friends we depart.

as strangers we meet, as friends we depart

Flowers Lane Vacation

FOUNDER’S TALE | In Kakaskasen, there is a road called Flowers Street or Lane. It was known to have beautiful flower garden and there it got the name. People said that our family was the first of those who plant flowers on that area. But it is not the important thing. Flowers Lane is the place where I grew up. The neighborhood was amazingly friendly when I was little kid. We played kite fighting, dice, candle nuts, hide and seek, coins and so on. I played with my dogs in this neighborhood too.
I used to go to my grandparents at the rice field since my mom and dad were working. They were diligent farmers. There were many interesting activities on this rice field. With several friends, I explored the creek, learn to pick fern from nearby jungle or kangkung (water spinach) from the pond and so on. We learnt how to be safe when do our activities.
After harvest time, I joined my grandpa and uncles hunting rats at nearby bamboo bushes. I still remembered our hounds who worked together with us to bring all the fat rat out of its hidding holes. We were not usually lucky, but most of the time we caught 10 big white tail rats. And, this is enough for the whole hungry flock.

Working as guide, I found out that most tourists wanted to see local thing on their vacation. It challanged me with some weird ideas. I kept asking myself the what-if questions. I think my life experiences were special enough to answer this new challange. And, My experience in tourism can be good aparatus to live up the service. So then, I started. I pick the name Flowers Lane, because there are many good memories on that lane when I was little kid. Hoping that it will result in good memory for every tour also.

Mario Ben