Mount Lokon Trekking

Mount Lokon is a 1580-MASL volcano. It locates in Tomohon and Minahasa, North Sulawesi. It is a stratovolcano, which means the volcano was born and grow from volcanic materials that lay on each other. Well, It is also an active volcano in North Sulawesi. Not to mention, the scenery from this volcano is picturesque and scenic.

Sunrise Trekking to Tompaluan Crater

Sun rise from Mount Lokon
Sun rise from Tompaluan Crater

One very interesting activity to do while climbing mountain is to see the breaking of the day, especially sun rise. This is the time when we can see the color of the sky gradually change from dark stary night to orange golden and lastly bright blue morning. Tompaluan crater is one of the best spot to enjoy this moment. It is an experience on vacation whilst near the crater and waiting for the sun to start rising. The experience is total reversion of the sunset. Cloudy sky sometimes sweeten the scenery. The challange is only when it is too thick. Sun shines behind clouds. The color of the sky becomes grayish blue or whitish grey. From mount Lokon, the siluet of towering mount Mahawu on the opposite side beautifies the view of the sun rise.

Observing the Crater after Sunrise

At the time of vacation, volcano is one of the most amazing place on earth to be observed beside rain forest, coral reef and culture. During the visit to Tompaluan crater, we are able to observe the igneous rocks such as tuff, basalt, rhyolite, obsidian, pumice, andesite and other sulfuric materials that were created from the eruption. As the volcano grows, many rocks were contrived. Layers of volcanic materials are obviously visible and easily recognizable on the wall of the lava river and crater. Scholars said each layer must be representing a period of eruption.

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Mount Lokon Trekking
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